• Question: When will teleportion be useable by all people?

    Asked by purplebee2002 to Angela, Gabriele, Karen, Maria, Shane on 15 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Gabriele De Chiara

      Gabriele De Chiara answered on 15 Nov 2013:

      Hello! Quantum teleportation has already been demonstrated several times in many experiments! The state of a photon (for example its polarisation, horizontal or vertical) has been teleported to a distant one. The distance of the two photons can be as much as 100km. Teleportation has been demonstrated also with matter objects for example the magnetic field of a gas or of an electron has been teleported a few meters. This is exactly the kind of stuff I do research on! So if you wish to know more, please ask more questions!

      Now obviously one can think about Star Trek teleportation of humans. This would however be very difficult. First we would need to “read” the information on how a person is formed, the state of all atoms constituting them. Then we should teleport this information and finally take a bunch of unshaped atoms and “write” the information teleported. I don’t think this is possible at the moment, but perhaps we could start with something like a small molecule!

    • Photo: Karen McCarthy

      Karen McCarthy answered on 15 Nov 2013:

      Teleporation would be so amazing, although you have to wonder would it be regulated, like in Harry Potter – would you need a “teleporation license”? Otherwise could people just appear and disappear where ever?